Accelerating Victoria’s COVID-19 Reporting

Developing the integration engine for the Department of Health Victoria’s COVID-19 reporting.

We rapidly decreased the processing time of COVID-19 reporting at the Department of Health Victoria (DoH).

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, it became crucial for the DoH to be connected with all laboratories within the public and private health space to make informed decisions to manage the outbreak.

Learn how Data Agility worked closely with DoH and the participating health agencies across Victoria to develop an integration architecture that:

Accounted for the unique integration requirements of all organisations
Enabled the COVID-19 contact tracing application to receive real-time statistics that provided the government with reliable information each day
Supported the processing of over 10 million COVID-19 test results


“I would like to express my appreciation to Data Agility Team for the work undertaken to Standardise HL7 COVID 19 results to Salesforce CRM and assisting MIRTH setup for COVID-19 results to PHESS.”

System Solutions Unit, Department of Health Victoria


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