Bullet proof integration managed services for your organisation.

We are the data integration people.

Data Agility are engaged by Hospitals all over Australia to provide 24/7 Integration Managed Services for the following integration platforms: 

  • Rhapsody 
  • JAVA CAPs 
  • Mirth 
  • SSIS 
  • JAVA bespoke apps 
  • Web APIs 
  • HL7 
  • FHIR 

24/7 Integration Managed Services

Data Agility work with hospitals Australia-wide.

Data Agility are the leading integration and managed services experts in Healthcare in Australia. We have a long history of working within the Healthcare sector across a variety of organisations. We support our clients with their data integration needs.

We are also pleased to announce that our integration team are Rhapsody certified professionals, who are ready to support your migration from JAVA CAPs to Rhapsody. 


We manage millions of messages per day.

At Data Agility, we manage the movement of millions of Healthcare messages each day. We are experienced in managing not only the volume of messages, but also how they need to pass through a Healthcare organisation. Not only do we understand the technology and data, but we deeply understand the industry.  


See who trusts us with their integration needs.



We can help you with your integration needs.

If you need support with your Healthcare integration needs, we can help you. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.


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