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Data Agility provided a highly flexible and responsive service, which was essential to successful delivery of our data project. They approached the work with attention to detail, addressing complex technical challenges to ensure that our needs were met within short timelines.

Robyn Hopcroft

Project Lead – Hazardous Waste Data | Waste & Resource Recovery Planning
Sustainability Victoria

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Personally, I have had the opportunity of working with Data Agility across two health services and truly value the expertise and guidance in delivering complex projects with a personal touch!

Paul Adcock

Director Technology Services & Transformation
Eastern Health

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It’s been great working with Data Agility.
They have been very motivated to understand the business and to embed alongside our staff and not just engage with senior leadership but to really understand the coal face experience of people who are collecting data and needing to apply it in their everyday work to improve, to understand how effective and efficient and productive they’re being​.

Peter Noble

Acting Managing Director
Victoria Legal Aid

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Data Agility were key to developing our understanding of enterprise information management. They brought a complete picture which we were able to deploy across the bank using data analytics, including warehouses and business intelligence solutions, to improve performance and drive cost efficiencies.

Michael McCarthy

Executive Manager – Information Management Systems
ANZ Bank

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Data Agility did an outstanding job. They really understood what we wanted and worked in close collaboration with us to deliver a really solid outcome.

Carl Muller

Director Corporate Services
Environmental Protection Agency

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It’s a bullet proof service operating where lives are at risk – that’s all the reassurance we need.

Chris Moon

Information Systems Business Manager
Sustainability Victoria

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Data Agility are more than willing to support us. They do what we need.

Theo Miritis

IMT Director | Digital Strategy
The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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“Data Agility helped us rapidly develop and deploy a sustainable solution that is both secure and scalable. They are great to work with and really embody the meaning of partnership.”

Renae Cosgrove

Information Manager
Rail Projects Victoria

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