Data Agility’s 20th Anniversary

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March 6th 2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of Data Agility.  Two decades ago our founder John Neville could see massive growth in the volume of data being collected and managed by organisations. He could also see that organisations would want to be more nimble in their ability to apply that data.  These two ideas are the foundation upon which Data Agility was created to deliver valuable outcomes for our clients.

Since our inception our work has continuously empowered our clients to make better business decisions. It’s also created meaningful careers for the exceptional people we have hired and developed.  It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey and we are all looking forward to continuing to provide for another 20 years and beyond.

We’re very grateful to the people we’ve met and worked with through the years. We truly appreciate their trust in us to deliver exceptional work and develop their careers.

John Neville set the vision and values early in the life of Data Agility to ensure we worked with likeminded people, all wanting to achieve the same vision with unified values. Being curious and creative has allowed us to innovate and make data valuable for our clients.

Our investment in people from incorporation 20 years ago to now, has repeatedly paid dividends. From the amazing client projects we’ve delivered to the careers we’ve helped our team members forge. We’re incredibly excited to see our next batch of leaders emerging and continuing to deliver our vision through our purpose.

From all of us at Data Agility, thank you for being part of our journey to deliver exceptional and meaningful work. We’re all very excited about the short and long term prospect.



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