Want to make better decisions with secure and accessible data?

The Data Agility Azure Framework will help your organisation drive a successful data platform implementation
Our Azure framework can help you deliver real-time analytics and reporting at scale through our experience and tried and tested expertise.
With our robust approach we can help you reduce risk, make your data strategy implementation cost-effective and efficient, and ensure a consistent application of design and security.
Organisations that have benefited from our Azure framework were:
  • Implementing a data and analytics solution such as a data lake or data warehouse
  • Processing streaming data to provide real-time information for decision making
  • Creating a platform to enable analytical modelling, machine learning and AI
  • Looking to redevelop legacy on-premises solutions in the cloud
  • Implementing a new operational system like a CRM with unmet reporting requirements or
  • Wanting to bring a level of standardisation and governance to an existing implementation
Find out how our Azure Framework can help your data implementation.
Our framework is detailed in the instant access PDF. Download it now to see how it can help you:
  • Reduce risk with our proven and robust approach.
  • Ensure a consistent application of design and security.
  • Spend less time on implementation, and start generating value.
  • Make your data strategy implementation cost-effective and efficient.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“EPA’s data systems were dispersed and difficult to manage, solutions that had evolved over many years, with a lack of consistent approach to development and on-going management had led to a fragmented solution which struggled to meet business needs. We weren’t able to use our systems to make the best use of the data we were collecting and were unable to utilise new data sources.“

Chris Moon, Information Techonology
Chief Information Officer, EPA

“Without an information management strategy, we couldn’t collect the right data, in the right format, at the right time. Data Agility helped us build that strategy, giving us reliable data to continually improve our services to our clients and to advocate for a fairer justice system.“

Peter Noble, Victoria Legal Aid
Acting Managing Director

Who Is Driving This Innovation?

Robert D’Astolto

Head of Data and Analytics

Robert D’Astolto is the Head of Data Analytics at Data Agility. He has a wide range of experience in the Government and Commercial sectors and is passionate about sharing his and his teams’ skills in data and analytics to help his clients manage and apply their data.

If you’d like to speak with Robert feel free to reach out to him via linkedin.com or you can set up a call via his calendar.