Data Lifecyle Management eBook

Manage your data, from acquisition to disposal

This eBook shows you the best practices on data lifecycle management; collect the data you need, store it securely while you need it, dispose of it when it is no longer needed.


The responsibility of managing data is important, but it can be daunting.

When looking for a solution to managing the data lifecycle, you’d be forgiven for thinking technology is the answer, especially with the current hype around AI, and digitisation streamlining data collection.

Not so, even the most advanced technology cannot provide a ‘set and forget’ solution. It cannot protect your organisation from human error or malicious disruption. And it cannot create organisational culture.

In managing the data lifecycle, you need suitable infrastructure, systems, people, processes, and policies in place.

In this eBook we talk about:

  • understanding what and how much data you should collect.
  • knowing the legal responsibilities regarding data handling.
  • ensuring your organisation has data governance practices in place to implement ongoing best practice.


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