How reliable is your organisation’s data?

Discover the top causes of poor data quality and how to fix them.

Poor data quality has an impact on any organisation.

It can lead to poor business decisions that cause lost revenue, missed opportunities and even reputational damage.

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  • The top causes of poor data quality related to technology, people and processes
  • The strategies you can use to remediate the data and put in place solutions to stop the quality issues from reoccurring
  • The different data quality dimensions to help you measure your data correctly
  • How to assess data quality and how to define your data metrics
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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“EPA’s data systems were dispersed and difficult to manage, solutions that had evolved over many years, with a lack of consistent approach to development and on-going management had led to a fragmented solution which struggled to meet business needs. We weren’t able to use our systems to make the best use of the data we were collecting and were unable to utilise new data sources.“

Chris Moon, Information Techonology
Chief Information Officer, EPA

“Without an information management strategy, we couldn’t collect the right data, in the right format, at the right time. Data Agility helped us build that strategy, giving us reliable data to continually improve our services to our clients and to advocate for a fairer justice system.“

Peter Noble, Victoria Legal Aid
Acting Managing Director

Why You Should Download This Free Guide

Robert D’Astolto

Head of Data and Analytics

“Organisations with poor quality data may or may not be aware they have an issue or know exactly what the issue is. What we do know is that poor data quality has an impact on any organisation.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide. I hope it will give you and your colleagues a better understanding of how you can uphold data quality and identify the weak points in your data management.”