The Top Causes Of Poor Data Quality And How To Fix Them

Good quality data leads to better decision-making.

Learn the top causes of poor data quality related to technology, people and processes. Discover strategies to fix these issues so you can give your organisation access to high-quality data that is reliable and serves its purpose.


Poor data quality has an impact on any organisation. It can lead to poor business decisions that cause lost revenue, missed opportunities and even reputational damage.

According to Gartner, organisations lose an average of $12.9 million every year due to poor data quality. Furthermore, 40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data.

In this guide, you will learn:


  • The root causes of poor data quality related to technology, people and processes
  • The strategies you can use to remediate the data and put in place solutions to stop the quality issues from reoccurring
  • The different data quality dimensions to help you measure your data correctly
  • How to assess data quality and how to define your data metrics


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