Let’s build a robust data stategy and data architecture for your organisation

The right data solutions will enable you to achieve your organisation’s goals

Building A Data-Driven Strategy

We develop data strategies and architecture that deliver on organisational needs

Since 2005 we have been working with organisations to develop data strategies and plans, driven by business requirements, that align to broader organisational transformation, AI initiatives and digital programs.

These are some of the tangible deliverables we’ve produced for organisations:

  • Data and information strategy
  • Detailed and costed data roadmaps
  • Current and future state architecture
  • Analytics and Artificial Intelligence implementation plans
Building A Data-Driven Strategy

The Data Agility Framework

Our framework will help you optimise processes, boost data value, and maximise ROI for improved org performance

We have developed the Data Agility Data, Analytics and AI Framework which captures the major requirements of an enterprise data initiative and is used in all our strategy, governance and architecture work.

Our framework’s focus on business drivers and our organisational capability are the differentiators from other models. It brings significant expertise and experience in developing and deploying data strategies.

Data Agility Data Strategy Work

The Data Agility Guarantee

Why do clients work with Data Agility?

We are The Data People. Our expertise is underpinned by decades of experience, proven frameworks, and maintaining strong, lasting relationships.

Focus: We are the Data People
Expertise: Our expertise is underpinned by decades of experience and proven frameworks
Engagement: We build and maintain strong, lasting relationships
Value: Our expertise delivers exceptional value for our clients

The clients who trust us 

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Building AI-enabled Platforms

Helping Australian organisations benefit from AI

As data people we understand AI is transformational and can provide huge benefits to our clients. We apply our data-driven AI framework to enable organisations to reap the business benefits that AI promises.

We are building platforms for our clients to embed automated decision making, real-time analytics, machine learning, and other AI tools.

Data Agility Data Strategy AI
Data Agility Data Strategy Process

The Data Agility Process

With you at every step

Our work is often undertaken in a complex and sensitive environment with many varied internal and external stakeholders. As well as being specialists in data and information, we excel at stakeholder engagement management. This has proved vital to the success of our strategy development and implementation work.