Find the best and leanest methods to fix your analytics and reporting issues in your government agency.

Learn how in a free 30-minute consultation worth $750.
Learn how you can make better business decisions by improving your agency’s data reliability and access.
During the call, our data expert will show you:
  • How to improve efficiency. We’ll show you how you can have better data access and visibility.
  • How to provide your organisation with real-time, reliable data that can answer business questions. Say goodbye to poor data quality caused by long-standing problems in data analytics and reporting.
  • How improving efficiencies around data can improve staff satisfaction. We’ll also give you tips on how to reduce frustrations by learning how to fix your data quality issues.
  • How to save more time in pulling reports and analysis without compromising the quality of insights you get from your data.

Who Will You Be Talking To?

Robert D’Astolto

Head of Data and Analytics
Robert has a wide range of experience in the Government and Commercial sectors. Passionate about sharing his and his teams skills in data and analytics, he will help you learn how to manage and apply your data more efficiently.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“Data Agility provided a highly flexible and responsive service, which was essential to successful delivery of our data project. They approached the work with attention to detail, addressing complex technical challenges to ensure that our needs were met within short timelines.”

Robyn Hopcroft, Sustainability Victoria
Hazardous Waste Data | Waste & Resource Recovery Planning

“Without an information management strategy, we couldn’t collect the right data, in the right format, at the right time. Data Agility helped us build that strategy, giving us reliable data to continually improve our services to our clients and to advocate for a fairer justice system.“

Peter Noble, Victoria Legal Aid
Acting Managing Director