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Data Agility provides data analytics and information management to the infrastructure sector.

Data Agility are experts at developing data strategies and implementing data projects in the infrastructure sector. In collaboration with our clients, we build analytics capabilities and deliver solutions that help you report and manage your infrastructure projects.

We are highly experienced at not only developing strategies, but supporting our clients to implement their projects and at providing solutions. Providing data services to Infrastructure since 2003, we deeply understand what’s important and what our clients are trying to achieve. We bring our data experience and expertise, while understanding the industry and the challenges that are faced with.

The clients who trust us with their projects.

Data challenges facing Infrastructure today.

Data Quality

Poor data quality impacts everything, leading to reporting inefficiencies, the ability to make accurate and timely business decisions amongst other things.

Siloed Reporting

Data housed in multiple locations leads to inefficiency and an inability to generate quality reports quickly.

Poor Insights

When you have poor data quality and siloed reporting, it’s hard to make sound business decisions.

“Data Agility helped us rapidly develop and deploy a sustainable solution that is both secure and scalable. They are great to work with and really embody the meaning of partnership.”

Renae Cosgrove

Information Manager

Rail Projects Victoria

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Poor data quality

We are data quality experts. We ensure you have access to reliable data and put procedures in place to keep it that way.

It is easy for organisations to have poor data quality. If clearly defined data fields haven’t been established from the start, there can be a lot of mismatching data that can cause issues. When there is a diverse user base, there are even greater opportunities for errors. At Data Agility, we help you set up your data fields correctly and put data quality checks in place so you can have confidence in your data.

Siloed reporting

We help our infrastructure clients get the reports they need at the click of a button.

Imagine you want to get a view of an individual project or a view of a contractor against individual or multiple projects. If you have poor data quality or siloed data storage, this simple reporting will be time-consuming and costly to develop. At Data Agility, we help our Infrastructure clients develop granular and top-level reporting views. Delve into an individual project or view the entire project with all of its components in a single report so you can operate efficiently and get the data you need on your projects.

Poor insights

Get the information you need to make better business decisions.

If you don’t have reliable data, and if your data is stored in siloes, it is difficult to make informed business decisions. Data Agility give you the ability to gain insights into every scenario because you can rely on the data formulating the report, saving you time and reducing inefficiencies to make better business decisions.

Featured insight.

Building a data warehouse for Rail Projects Victoria.

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) engaged Data Agility to support them to build a data warehouse in Azure that would allow them to share their data with stakeholders and contractors and provide them with a single source of truth across all of their infrastructure projects.