Driving Innovation

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Innovation People

Bringing modern solutions into the healthcare industry.

At Data Agility, we are passionate about supporting the healthcare industry by developing modern applications that allow for automation of processes and improved efficiencies which allow healthcare organisations to do what they do best – help people.

Innovation Pillar

Digitisation and automation of clinical coding

Innovation Pillar

Clinical master data management

Innovation Pillar

Building applications for the modern hospital

Innovation Services

Information management and data analytics.

In the early 2000’s, Australia emerged as a global thought leader in Information Management.  At Data Agility, we were identifying the critical content and developing the structures and frameworks to make a success of the torrents of data that were coming.

Since those early days, we’ve continued to innovate and evolve the technical components of our work.  We’ve added additional capabilities that have increased the business and people focus of the services we deliver.

Innovation isn’t just about capability.   It is also about doing specific things that we care about. We are passionate about driving innovation both within Data Agility, and for our clients.

Code Focus

Improving efficiencies and optimising results.

Code Focus manages the coding and auditing functions for Health Information Services departments within Australian hospitals where Casemix / Activity Based funding models are in place.

Code Focus connects to your hospital’s Patient Administration System through an HL7 feed to analyse episodic information and allocate coding and auditing work to staff based on the attributes of that information.

Clinician ID

A master data management solution.

Clinician ID is the source of truth for Health professionals in hospitals. It provides a single place for the creation of all professional definitions, highlights and corrects errors, removes the need for independently created records and distributes records to any system that requires them.