We partner with your team to build and upgrade integration solutions between your hospital systems

Your hospital teams will gain access to our hospital integration solutions experts with decades of experience

​Australian healthcare organisations have multiple systems to run their operations. These disparate systems need to communicate well with each other to deliver a successful health service.

At Data Agility, we collaborate with you to harness the full power of your complex systems through our integration services. We discover how your current systems connect and optimise your integration design and implementation processes.

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Is Your Team Optimising Your Hospital Systems’ Features?

Your team will receive consistently reliable data through robust integrations

An efficient, cost-effective, and reliable set of integrated systems is a hospital’s backbone. With the right integration, you can fully optimise the investment in your hospital’s systems ensuring you get accurate and timely coordination of data, while reducing the time spent on multiple information entry.

Robust integration delivers consistent and reliable patient data in all systems. Allowing you to create a consolidated record of a patient’s history, diagnoses, diseases, medications prescribed, treatments and vaccinations.

Some of the recent integration projects Data Agility have collaborated on are:


  • Vaccination reporting to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).
  • Patient journey board – integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Patient Medical Index (PMI) and other systems.
  • Covid test reporting – building and upgrading electronic pathology results integration first for Covid and expanding to capture all reportable diseases.
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) – integration, merging and migration of LIS systems within hospitals to all other systems they need to talk to.

Robust Integration Leads To Better Healthcare Service

Your foundational integration infrastructure discovery

Every hospital relies on the effective and efficient integration of their systems. Optimisation requires clear sight of current and forthcoming integrations and the Data Agility discovery process creates the foundation for success.

For example, a robust integrated communication system ensures alerts always go to the intended care team members who can make informed decisions and respond quickly to issues. Alerts that deliver real-time information lead to better, actionable insights and faster resolution times.

To achieve reliable integration, your hospital needs accurate information on integration data flows. The Data Agility discovery process diagnoses key issues such as:

  • Server/engine outages
  • Slow/stopped message processing
  • Disconnections
  • Errors
  • Known common data integrity issues

Auditing your integration infrastructure also allows you to stay on top of checkups on altering functionalities, which are all-important but often overlooked. Though scheduled ‘heartbeat’ notifications and occasional manual check-ins our team ensures your integrations are robust.

Ensure the right people can securely access your hospital’s system whenever they need to and wherever they may be.

The Advantage of Engaging Data Agility

Optimising hospital system integrations

We know what works when it comes to monitoring and putting checks and balances in place. So issues are avoided or fixed as quickly as possible.

Our alerting, auditing and logging principles can be applied in any integration environment. This means issues can be picked up as soon as they happen and resolved quickly.

When you engage Data Agility you get a team of experts with years of experience in healthcare processes and integration.


Go Wide and Dive Deep Into Your Infrastructure and Processes

Integrate different complex systems

A well-designed integration takes advantage of competing tech. We can work with private and public hospitals as well as different vendors.

Many health software vendors, both big and small, struggle with integration implementations. Relying heavily on users reporting issues instead of identifying them beforehand.

We make sure your operations run smoothly with a well-designed integration that takes advantage of competing tech. Our experience working with private and public hospitals as well as different vendors enables us to guide or lead the integration design process. Highlighting the critical real-world workflows and cases that need to be tested to ensure that the solution works.