Meet our leadership team.

Our leadership team are all experts in their field and committed to leading Data Agility into the future.

John Neville

Managing Director

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John Neville is the Managing Director and founder of Data Agility, launching the business in 2003. His focus is on strategic direction, team leadership and business development. He is also the driving force behind Data Agility’s eHealth practice. John is passionate about our clients and how we can help them use their data to make better business decisions.

Irina Reitikh

Chief Financial Officer

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Irina is the Chief Financial Officer for Data Agility and brings a wealth of experience to the organisation. She is responsible for managing the company’s finances, financial planning, risk management, financial reporting and record keeping. She supports the leadership team and organisation by ensuring Data Agility is able to achieve its financial goals.

Iain Kiernan

Director Marketing and Customer Advocacy

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Iain is the Director Marketing and Customer Advocacy at Data Agility. He has substantial strategic, customer, business, data, technology and management experience. Today he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. At Data Agility, his focus is as an adviser on the information management and analytics strategy, organisational transformation and the application of data to Chief Officer's of Australian organisations.

Kris Fragale

Head of Human Resources and Recruiting

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Kris is the Head of Human Resources and Recruiting for Data Agility. As an experienced human resources specialist from the information technology and services industry, her focus is on people, culture and growth. She is responsible for the HR management, recruitment, learning and development and staff wellbeing.

Robert D’Astolto

Head of Data Analytics

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Robert is the Head of Data and Analytics at Data Agility. He has a wide range of experience in the Government and Commercial sectors and is passionate about sharing his and his teams skills in data and analytics to help his clients manage and apply their data.