The Healthcare CFO Guide

Maximise the benefits of your health information management team

Learn how to unlock operational efficiencies and extract more value out of budgets and resources. This ebook will help you get started.


Financial management plays a pivotal role in a hospital’s operational success and ability to deliver optimal patient care.

As the leader behind the institution’s financial decision-making, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for steering the hospital towards fiscal sustainability. However, in the complex landscape of modern healthcare, CFOs face many challenges.

How do you ensure hospital funding reflects patient complexity? How can you better optimise resource allocation and funding?

To help you answer these questions, we have written a free ebook that delves into:

  • Maximising your operational budget by optimising HIS workflows and processes
  • Improving hospital funding with better HIS department reporting and data
  • The 13 essential metrics to optimise operational budget and funding


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