Victorian Legal Aid Case Study

Data strategy development and implementation for Victoria Legal Aid.

Learn how we developed and implemented Victoria Legal Aid’s (VLA) first Information Management and Analytics strategy through four streams: project management, reporting uplift, data governance and data workforce.​


In 2017 Data Agility developed Victoria Legal Aid’s (VLA) first Information Management and Analytics strategy (which they refer to as Data Strategy).

While a highly expert organisation in its field of legal services, VLA was a relatively immature data and analytics organisation. Structurally it aligns strongly to discrete aspects of the law. The strategy needed to focus on lifting capabilities, enabling VLA to become a significantly more client-centric organisation.

This case study showcases the development of the strategy and its success in the subsequent implementation with a focus on the implementation to highlight the success of the program. Data Agility were involved in both the strategy development and implementation.


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